Our Story



As the principal interior designer of Y Designs, LLC, Yussy El-Hibri has built an interior design business with an extensive emphasis on innovation, client satisfaction, and budget.  With the utmost attention to professionalism and detail, Yussy’s goal is to rehabilitate any interiors in need of attention- whether it be a sale property or home residence.

“The importance of interior design is monumental- whether it be home staging for a property on the market or a full-time residence.  A well balanced interior will help you envision your life in a future or existing space”

Yussy El-Hibri has a B.S. from University of Maryland in American Studies and an A.D. in Interior Design.  Over the years, she has been involved with high end residential design, military hospitality, commercial design, and home staging throughout the country.

Whether your interior calls for a simple face-lift or a full-on renovation, Y Designs, LLC can provide the interior you would like to achieve, ranging from simple accessory packages to full-service renovation.  We welcome realtors, home owners, renters, and anyone in between, to contact us for design projects.  Please feel free to contact us for quotes based on your personal needs.



With over 20 years experience in the jewelry industry, Travis has applied his attention to detail within interior design and home renovation.  As a seasoned manager with an eye for precision and quality, Travis manages every project with a similar approach: innovation, client satisfaction, and budget.  His commitment to excellence is reflected through his devotion to the job site and delivery of an exceptional product.  Rest assured that your project will be properly managed.